Services for start-up company

1. Basic Services:

  1. A) Advice on management plan and budget system

  2. B) Audit (including internal audit)

  3. C) Cost reduction advising

  4. D) Preparation of financial statements in English

  5. E) Supporting and advising before and after corporate establishment

  6. F) Tax return filing

2. Additional main services for Start-up period

a) Develop and propose tax reduction.

b) Facilitate account settlements meeting, present the achievement results and clarify outstanding business issues.

c) Provide advice during restructuring.

d) Provide financial management training to the managerial staff.

e) Support internal achievement report system.

f)  Support the development of effective budgeting system and procedures.

g) Understand the performance of each operational division and read profitability through profit loss turning point analysis and advise when necessary.